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Leader in Me at LAMS

Lehigh Acres Middle School is excited to continue our journey in fostering leadership qualities among our LAMS Scholars through Leader in Me. Our school leadership program is built on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

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What is Leader in Me?

The Leader in Me is not an event, program, or curriculum. It is an ubiquitous leadership development—meaning everywhere and all the time. The LAMS faculty teaches leadership qualities with an integrated approach and with the belief that every student is capable of being a leader.

What does Leader in Me look like at LAMS?

To aid in this culture shift the Bruin Bell Schedule (click the link for Bell Schedule on our LAMS website) has been altered to incorporate Leader In Me Monday. This ensures ALL Bruins, regardless of number of electives granted or test scores, are now advantaged to participate in a Leader in Me class. During this class LAMS scholars will not only learn about the 7 habits, but showcase them through projects, collaboration, and success in other classes. Additionally, members of the 6th Grade Academy will take part in a book study of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Every other week students will be invited to participate in an interest club of their choice to further build relationships with their LAMS family. At LAMS we never forget to "Sharpen the Saw!"

Why does my child need Leader in Me? 

At Lehigh Acres Middle School we strive not only toward academic success but personal success as well. Through the ultilization of the 7 habits LAMS scholars are better prepared for advancement in programs such as AVID, Cambridge, and STEAM. Futhermore these habits carry over postive achievements in high school, college, and life turning our LMAS scholars into productive adult citizens. 

                                 Leader in Me Coordinator                                                    Leader in Me Administrator

                                Fallynn Guardado                                                                  Joseph Restino